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Computer Software: -
   Confident using Windows, Unix, and Linux operating systems, Apache Server, Windows Server, SQL Databases, Borland and GCC Compilers, Any Script or Image Editing Software, MS Office, Open Office, and a large variety of web development and business related softwares.

I am also a fast learner and very adaptable to any given environment.
Computer Hardware: -
   Confident with adding removing and configuring hardware devices in Windows, Unix, and Linux operating systems, networking, and most other areas of computer hardware installation, configuration, and operation.
Programming Language Technologies: -
   C/C++, Java, Perl, PHP, ASP, Unix Shell, Windows Shell, Visual Basic, VBScript, XML & XSLT, HTML & XHTML, Javascript(jQuery/AJAX/json), CSS, various SQL dialects.
Internet Marketing: -
   A comprehensive understanding of Internet Marketing, Page Ranking, Meta Tag Fundamentals, Internet Advertising Mediums, SEO, Keyword optimisation, and various other promotional mediums and technologies.
Management: -
   I have managed a mobile service unit for jax transtate tyre and mechanical - which was more about managing stock and myself. I was IT manager with a team of 12 developers for HPA in Canberra. I decided management would be OK if you had an accountant and insomnia, then unfortunately I got myself an accountant and some sleep deprivation.
Public Relations: -
   A friendly and outgoing personality, advanced conversational skills, and great listening and problem-solving skills, coupled with my sales and PR background, render me an excellent customer liaison.
Livestock Handing: -
   Confident in the care and management of sheep, alpacas, cattle, pigs, and horses. Can drove, rotate grazing areas, treat and manage common illnesses, apply preventative treatments. Have roustabouted. Milked cows. Understand food and water requirements. Have slain and butchered sheep, cattle, and pigs.
Crop Farming: -
   My crop farming skills including soil preparation, sowing, fertilisation, pest and disease dusting and spraying, harvest, bailing, carting, and burning off. I have worked in wheat and lucerne. I can operate the required farm machinery. I like the hot sun.
Horsemanship: -
   I Have ridden, laboured with, and cared for horses since I was 4yo.
Have broken and trained stock horses and thoroughbreds. I understand equine food and medicinal requirements including the importance of proper hoof maintenance. I love the nature of horses.
Rural development and maintenance: -
   Including general farm duties like fencing, fire breaks, machinery maintenance, shed/building construction and maintenance, water management, and I once built a vineyard.
Building Construction: -
   I Have laboured in building (sheds, houses, high-risers), brick laying, concreting, landscape gardening, and demolition. When I was working in demolition I was pulling down large sheds and warehouses in Melbourne then re-building them in NE Victoria as farm sheds. I enjoy building things.
Metal Fabrication: -
   I learned to weld and metalwork when I was a child however I refined my skills while working for Jax Transtate Tyre and Marine. We were making trailers and boats. The boats were fibreglass ski racers but making a V8 engine drive one takes some engineering. Iv also made vehicle modifications for the Canberra Chevy Club. Much of my building construction work has also required my metal working skills.
Motor Mechanics: -
   I learned was taught vehicles and engines as a boy on farms. I have since fallen back on the skills for both work and recreation. I can also fit tyres to any vehicle (I think I can say "any" since I even fitted planes and earth movers), and have a sturdy understanding of vehicle steering geometry - ie: I can adjust your wheel alignment with a spanner, tape measure, and spirit level.
Transport Logistics: -
   I have undergone varied works for transport companies including furniture removal, server and delicate equipment relocation, equipment and vehicle shipping, fleet management, management systems design, and marketing.
Electronics Technician: -
   I have been interested in and studying electronics since I was 12yo and I can repair most appliances and electrical equipment. I have undergone and apprenticeship and worked with Technical Repair Services.
   I am also a fast learner and very adaptable to any given environment.
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